The Great Detroit
It was-It is-It will be
A documentary

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A look at what makes Detroit a special city.


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Trailer to The Great Detroit

A glimpse at what's in the film

What makes Detroit special

How and why Detroit was founded so we show you our riverfront, closeness to  Canada, how we became a car manufacturing powerhouse, a look at the country's oldest open air farmers market, the 2nd oldest Roman Catholic church, our urban farms, our museums, concert venues, sports stadiums, casinos, and so much more.

Detroit is birthplace of Motown and Techno

We talk about the history of Motown and take inside the Techno museum, we talk about a recording studio that one of the oldest in the country and so much more.

Detroit is once again a great city

We examine one reason for Detroit's decline and we look at the comeback that's now happening. We highlight some new construction projects and  inspiring comments by people who are making the comeback happen.

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People who star in The Great Detroit

Detroit future plans segment

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About Us

Released April 2014

Premiered at Cinema Detroit

Has shown around the metro Detroit area, several theaters and many libraries.

Then re-released in 2017 with new footage and re-edit.

Anthony Brogdon

Producer, writer, director

along with

Hugh Hatten  

Director of Photography


Statewide and Global Exposure

It has shown in Grand Rapids, Michigan and now there's plans for many other cities like Petosky, Traverse City, Gaylord, Muskegon, Battle Creek, etc. It showed in Windsor and Toronto, Canada.

We are planning an European tour.


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One Woodward Avenue, 1 Woodward Ave, Detroit, Michigan 48226, United States

(313) 704-5612