Some say its the finest documentary ever made about Detroit









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Information about the film

Starts with 1701 and ends with future plans.

Detroit most famous building, the Renaissance Center

The film starts with how and why Detroit was founded, has footage of the  city's landscape, talk about our riverfront and closeness to Canada, talk about things to do and a look at the country's oldest open air farmers market, the 2nd oldest Roman Catholic church, our urban farms, our museums, concert venues, sports stadiums, casinos, and so much more. 

Detroit is probably one of the most recognized US cities


Detroit is known for mass production of automobiles for Chrysler, Ford and General Motors were headquartered in our city. Plus Motown Music is an internationally recognized brand. Also, Techno music started in Detroit.

And, now Detroit is known for its comeback to glory. 

Well all this and more is highlighted in the documentary .

Some say its the finest documentary ever made about Detroit


55 interviewees tell the whole story

75 minutes long

First released in 2014 then re-edited and  released in 2017.

New footage was added.

It has shown in over 40 locations throughout the metro Detroit area, Windsor and Toronto, Canada.

Planning a tour to show in Europe March 2020



Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and Hamburg  




United Kingdom


London, Manchester,  Liverpool and Birmingham







March 4-26


I am renting theaters, coffee shops, night clubs to show The Great Detroit. The pre-reception with resonate with Motown sound and they'll serve a special Detroit drink.

More details to come because I'm inviting Detroiters to join me for the party.

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Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Now Detroiters can watch The Great Detroit documentary via Detroit Public Library, This is great news.

The Great Detroit is streaming on amazon

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A trailer for the film

 A 4 minute video

Stars of The Great Detroit documentary