The Great Detroit
It was-It is-It will be
A documentary

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Some say its the finest documentary ever made about Detroit

Stars with how and why Detroit was founded and ends with the plans for a brighter future.

Its the people that make Detroit special

People around the world know the name Detroit, if not for its cars, music, decline or comeback .

55 interviewees tell the whole story.

Some background about the film

Released in 2014, it screened around the metro Detroit area, Windsor and Toronto, Canada.

Now it was updated and re-released in 2017 to include the many developments like sport stadium, housing projects etc.

A glimpse at what's in the film

Why did Detroit become the car manufacturing capital

We take you inside Henry Ford's first plant

We mention the history of Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors along with names of others that have since gone on.

Detroit is birthplace of Motown and Techno

We take inside the Techno museum and  we give some inspight into the founding of Motown and  so much more.

A look at Detroit's decline and now comeback

Here's our opinion of what caused Detroit's decline in population and status and then we look at the comeback that's now happening.


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A look at what makes Detroit a special city.

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